FireShot – screenshot editor for Firefox

Screen shots are a huge part of my workflow, especially for library instruction handouts. Mac OS has always featured an elegant keyboard shortcut + diagonal drag method for grabbing screen shots, while the Windows routine has been the print screen button + paste + cropping every single shot.

Clearly cropping is a big time waster. I was a fan of Snapper, a Firefox extension that used a Mac-like diagonal drag. Sadly, Snapper hasn’t been updated to work with the new versions of Firefox. Happily, I just found FireShot !

FireShot has the added coolness of a text editor and drawing tools, so you can embed captions & pointers in your graphic. It even makes the camera clicky noise I like so much on my Mac. Yay!

Check it out:

  • Free: Yes
  • Sign up: No

3 Responses

  1. that’s sweet. do you use it for your handouts now? I love the invert selection options.

  2. Cool, I like this very much thanks for posting!

    This works on my PC, but I can’t seem to install this one on my mac??

    I found this one that does both, and I’m on FF3 right now. I’m not sure that it does flash captures…

  3. Anna, this is awesome! Thanks so much for posting it.

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