infopourri: a little bit of everything interesting

Anna “Librarianna” Johnson is an academic librarian and a graphic designer, a blend of interests that intersects wherever information is displayed.

My own work is focused on information literacy instruction, but I’m a fascinated onlooker to the work being done in user experience, data visualization, and human computer interaction.

This blog attempts to track the most interesting efforts in all of these fields, in the hope that I’m not the only geek who thinks about all of these things at once.

My hope for infopourri is that you’ll learn something new every time you visit, and — better still — that you’ll leave a comment or a link so I can learn something new, too.


4 Responses

  1. Amanda and I attended a great presentation by OSU liberryans on an open source content management system they developed to create interactive 2.0pian course pages. Very modular, no HTML needed, lotsa widgets (kinda like WordPress here), URL e-mail notification of instructors, and lotsa of other nifty stuff.

    It’s called ICAP – Interactive Course Assignments Pages.

  2. Oh, and: Hey, this is cool! I will now blogroll you and google read you!

  3. Hey Anna – sounds like you’ve got an interesting thing started here. I’m looking forward to see what kind of stuff you’ll be writing about.

  4. Anna,

    Sounds like a great topic, I have added to my bloglines to monitor.


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